Our Partners

Every Ember Arts woman has a dream.

These Ugandan women have survived civil war, injustice, poverty, and despair.  Now, through their partnership with Ember Arts, they are pursuing bright futures. The women hand make every piece of our jewelry out of recycled paper, and we support them as they pursue their dreams for a better future.

Click here to watch a video introducing our partners and their dreams. 


Our Story

We are Ember Arts, a humanitarian family business. We believe that people are at their best—most alive, engaged, and impactful—when they chase their best dreams.

Ember Arts supports a co-op of women in Uganda, Africa who create beautiful fair trade jewelry made from recycled paper. Through the sale of this handmade, eco-friendly jewelry we empower dreamers around the world.

We invite you to:

Read our Story: 'Civil War, Coca-Cola, and the Story of Ember Arts.'
Meet our Partners in Uganda.
Get inspired with our Heroes.

We call ourselves Ember Arts because our best dreams are like embers, smoldering little seeds of possibility just waiting to be kindled into reality. Chase your dreams.


Who We Are 

We are Clayton and Jessica Connolly, a musician and marine biologist-turned-doula who stumbled upon an opportunity 8 years ago to partner with a group of women who are refugees in Uganda. Upon meeting these women and learning their stories, we were crazy enough to leave our careers, jump all in and start an international fair trade business bringing their beautiful jewelry to the American market. We believe that the power of a business that honors the humanity and dreams of each individual can make the world a better place. We have three daughters; Kairah, Shiloh and River and as a little tribe our mission is to create authentic community and love all people — both our neighbors at home in Ocean Beach and our friends on the other side of the world. We hope Ember Arts can serve and inspire you. We believe in your dreams. 

Join the team and help us empower women in Uganda! Visit our "Work With Ember Arts" page to see if we have any open job positions.